Paqmind is supported by a small team of developers and enthusiasts of self-learning. We've been doing commercial programming since 2007. A few years ago we started to guide and teach other people. The problems with content we used to live with have become unacceptable.

There were many good theory sources. But other than that – no roadmaps, no practical applied tasks, and almost nothing for advanced learners. Someone had to create all that from scratch!

Instead of re-explaining docs or rewriting books we embrace 3rd party content. Adding just the missing pieces. So what do we do exactly?

  • We create practical tutorials, teaching you programming and web development.
  • We provide mentoring (individual schemes only, for now).
  • We collect useful links and quotes for self-learning.

What you won't find here? Ratings, best performers, user-generated content, cats, politics, tech hype, casual stuff. All those are fine but somewhere else.


Our mission is to help talented people to master programming.

We believe that everyone can acquire some programming skills. It's won't necessarily be a good career choice. Programming is often exhausting. It brings its own health risks. It takes a huge amount of time to advance. Deciding about such an investment, it's worth to objectively weigh your talents, goals, and inclinations.

On the other hand, programming is a good complement to many specialities. Mathematicians, artists, physicists, musicians, biologists... a growing number of professions can benefit from programming skills.

Is it for you? Well, one can truly discover their potential for the given job only by trial and error. The good news, is that trial and error can be fun and enlightening. Actually, we encourage you to try! Regardless of the outcome, you'll definitely learn a lot about the world and yourself in the process.

Independent learning

Different people have different time limitations, different resources and different schedules. How to impose a single set of expectations on them? Constructivists say it's impossible and we agree. Independent learning is the key.

Moreover, we believe that independent learning is among the best indicators of your abilities, for Engineering in particular. It requires curiousity and a good engineer should be curious. It requires a lot of independent thinking that a good engineer should possess. The same is true for rationality and self-discipline. Well, engineering is almost an euphemism for a "lifelong independent learning" ;)


There is no easy way to gain knowledge. We try our best to make it easier. We studied and embraced a lot of materials developed by scientists and pioneers of modern education (waiting to be adopted by schools and universities).

I. Howard Barrows developed a Problem-Based Learning which we use as a main model for our exercise sequences. Throughout the tasks we constantly encourage you to establish your own vision, as he did.

II. Charles Reigeluth described how tasks should gradually increase in complexity. Our tasks aren't sets but narratives. We also follow his advices to always show the context and analogy. Our methods are heavily inspired by the Elaboration Theory.

III. John Sweller constantly emphasized the value of a good example. We show a referential and commented solution to every exercise we propose. We also rely on his theory of Cognitive Load to level up the complexity.

We believe that the proper way to teach is to draw the best findings of both Cognitive and Constructive branches. Keeping the good amount of fun along the way.


  • Expertise: all content is created by senior programmers.
  • Honesty: we teach and recommend only the techs we use ourselves.
  • Neutrality: we do not represent any corporate interests.

In short, and as you'll see, we have little in common with most educational platforms. Different premises result in different outcomes. None is "right" or "wrong".

We assume that our students are smart and rational people. Having a strong will to learn. Self-directed and self-sufficient. Totally able to configure their own working environments :) Loving to compare things. Having their opinions but not dogmas. Motivated by a real progress better than virtual badges.

If it sounds like you – Welcome!